Steam Rite Carpet Cleaners has been authorized to do business in Illinois under this name since 1996.

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26 Years of Industry Experience

Carpet Cleaning, Restoration, and Protection in Skokie, IL

Steam Rite Carpet Cleaners

Provides the very best in custom deep steam cleaning of your carpets                                                               
Our specially trained service technicians steam clean your carpeting like it's our own.

We know your carpets are a major investment, with Steam Rite's custom carpet cleaning process you can rest assure that your carpets will be cleaner, softer, and free of any carpet cleaning detergent residue that other companies leave behind. This means your carpets turn out beautiful looking smelling fresher and staying clean longer.

We clean the carpeting throughout your home including stairs and halls. We carefully move furniture while thoroughly steam cleaning your carpets wall to wall. We want to restore your carpeting back to a beautiful looking condition.

We recommend carpet cleaning once a year or twice a year as needed to maintain the nice look of your carpets for years to come.

Scotch Guard Protection


Steam Rite Carpet Cleaners offers professional Scotch Guard protection that we can apply to carpeting, upholstery, oriental rugs, and many more fabrics. Scotch Guard protection is very important because it does four main things when applied:

1. It protects against the sun's UV rays that can damage carpets and upholstery fibers by sun fading on all colors.

2. It protects against liquid spills by sealing and protecting the carpet or upholstery fibers so the spills bead up and does not absorb into the material making it easier to clean up fast after an accident happens.

3. It protects against dropped foods, making it so foods will not stick or stain the carpeting or upholstery fibers so it's easier to clean up after an accident happens.

4. It protects against wear on the carpets and upholstery fibers to help it last longer.

By purchasing and applying Scotch guard protection this will protect your favorite valuable carpets and upholstery from life's everyday traffic, dust, dirt, sun UV rays, spills and more. With regular vacuuming maintenance your carpeting upholstery and fabrics will stay cleaner longer and look their very best.

We always recommend Scotch Guard protection for longer life on carpets and upholstery fibers and many other fabrics. You will benefit from us taking our time to do the job right. At Steam Rite Carpet Cleaners we do the best job for you. Customer satisfaction is number one.


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